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Porn stud Kyle Mason is one of the best at what he does. A former fitness instructor and competitive ballroom dancer, Kyle clearly has impeccable physical skills, but he's also got an intensely lustful devotion to fucking, and it's not a rare occurrence for this stud to rip a girl's panties to shreds and even accidentally break furniture in the heat of the moment! As much as his movie star good looks, chiseled body, and huge dick draw in flocks of women, it's this aura of passion that makes Kyle so popular. It's no wonder porn starlets are constantly asking to work with this dominant stud! Kyle jokes that he got into the business after being "bitten by an experimental, radioactive pornstar," but when it comes to his career, he's always serious: Kyle takes the time to research, study, and learn so that he can make his performances the best they can be. For every hot, no-holds-barred fuck you see him deliver on camera, you can be sure he's done his homework to prepare. Watch Kyle show off all his skills in the steamy scenes below.

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