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Even before her adult film debut, petite blonde Keely Jones has always said "I make a scene everywhere I go." This big-booty cutie was at the center of attention wherever she went in her hometown of Virginia Beach: at the restaurant where she worked, her big ass clad in iconic orange hot pants attracted the eye of every guy in the place, and at the hottest clubs, Keely would always strut to the middle of the dance floor in a short skirt, showing off her tanned legs and getting her twerk on! Keely says she's a bit well known for causing trouble, but with the face of an angel she's always able to get away with even the naughtiest acts. Luckily for the peace of mind of her neighbors, Keely decided to make a different kind of scene in Porn Valley, getting all the attention she craves as she strips off to show her pierced natural tits and tight body on camera. Watch Keely's best performances now!

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